5 Easy Ways To Save Money

December 21, 2011 2

Since household budgets across the country are being slashed because of decreased income and increased expenses, it’s imperative for you to look for ways to cut down on expenses all the time. Here are five easy ways that you can save money.

In the Home

You can save money right in your own home, starting with your utilities. Appliances or electronics that are not used often should be unplugged from the wall. Though they may not be in use, they still draw enough current to cost you more on you energy bill. Even a small cell phone charger can draw electric, though it is not charging the phone. You would be surprised at the savings each month by keeping things unplugged.

Placing a two liter bottle filled with water in the back of the septic tank can help ease water costs. Also, turning down the thermostat a degree or two can also save in energy costs. It would also be wise to turn down the heat in rooms of the house that are used less often, if at all.

Black Friday

Black Friday shopping is not just for deals on Christmas gifts. Retailers drastically reduce prices to lure in customers for the holiday season. Electronics are usually the big ticket items with nearly 50% off the normal selling price! Customers can save hundreds off a new flat screen TV or game system.

Often, these electronics go on sale throughout the year, but not at these deep discounts. If you are in the market for a new television, dryer, dishwasher, clothing, toys or anything else really, it might be worth braving the crowds and staying up all night to keep hundreds of your hard-earned money in your pocket.


The end-of-season sales are a favorite because clothing can be reduced to almost 80% off the retail value. Children are not going to stop growing, and you know that they grow out of clothes quite quickly. Clothes are costly, so stocking up on bigger sized clothing for next season can save a family a lot of money.

Most major retailers publish coupons throughout the year and will allow customers to use them in conjunction with the clearance prices, deepening your savings. Also try to frequent clearance racks all through the year as well. You never know what you can find at you might have thought about buying before, but haven’t due to the cost.

Yard Sales

Due to the recent economic situation, customers have been flocking to sites like eBay and Goodwill. You can find nearly new items for a fraction of what they cost in stores. Make sure to check a seller’s rating before purchasing an item off someone on eBay. You want to buy from reputable sellers so that you have confidence that the item is in the condition as described.

It is also a good idea to know what certain items cost in a retail store before buying it in a thrift store. Some thrifts stores may charge much more than they should, and you might be able to get the item brand new in the store, for just a few dollars more and will be able to use the return policy.


Always compare prices and do a little ground-work before purchasing any item. Sometimes the super center may not be the cheapest store. You might find the same item online and at another retailer, who offers a promotional code and free shipping, saving you money. It might take a little more time to compare prices, and you might have to wait a bit longer to receive the item, but is it not worth it in the end? Having a little patience can save your family additional cash.


  1. Megan Turnbull January 10, 2012 at 8:53 pm - Reply

    I shop at yard sales and thrift stores all the time. Saves me LOADS of money! I’ve always been too scared to go out and shop on Black Friday, but maybe I’ll get more brave lol.

  2. Bella Addler January 10, 2012 at 8:55 pm - Reply

    Awesome tips Georgia! Something else that I do is every few months, I sell a bunch of my stuff I no longer use on eBay. That way I clean my home and I also get back some of the money I spent.

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