Keeping Holiday Expenses Down

January 2, 2012 2

The holiday season is a time for having fun and going to parties. However, there are times when this merry making becomes too heavy on your wallet. So it’s important that you find ways to keep your expenses low while still having as much fun as you can. Even if you have to sacrifice a few luxuries during the holiday season, it’s worth it for the sake of your financial stability. Here are a few tips which you can use during the holiday season in order to save money and keep your holiday expenses down.

Plan outdoor parties

Instead of going to expensive restaurants and parties you can plan your own outdoor bonfire party with friends and family. The best way to conduct this would be for everybody to contribute some amount of money and choose a place commonly and hold the
party there.

Save on presents

Christmas is a time when you would need to buy presents for family and friends. Instead of doing this over a span of time, you can make a list of people and what gift you want to give them and shop for all of it together. In this way you can avoid buying things that are unnecessary.

Shop smartly

During the holiday season you will have some or the other friends or relatives coming over quite often and staying over for dinner. Instead of rushing to the store every two or three days to stock up your supply of groceries, you can buy in bulk. This is because not only bulk shopping entails you to discounts in most cases, you can also save on time and transportation costs by reducing your visits to the store.

Keep your eyes open for offers

The festive time during Christmas gives people a lot of offers on different items. You should keep a look out for these offers. For instance, you can get Christmas decorations, trees and lights at a much lower price one or two days before and after Christmas as compared to what you would have if you had bought comparatively earlier. Keep these deals in mind while you shop. That won’t help you this season, but buy them now and put them up next Christmas season.

Be innovative

Being innovative also cuts out a lot of your expenses. There are a number of innovative and creative things you can do during the holidays in order to lower down your expenses. You can make your own Christmas cards by drawing on blank cards instead of buying them. You can also cut out old Christmas cards and use these to make new cards if you can’t draw. While wrapping presents during Christmas instead of using costly decorating papers you can use the comic section of newspapers which have colorfully illustrated pictures and would make quite attractive covers.


  1. Monica Sotela January 10, 2012 at 8:49 pm - Reply

    Planning outdoor parties is a wonderful idea! Less mess, more space, and lots more fun. Great tips, Ryan!

  2. Bridget Elanore January 10, 2012 at 8:51 pm - Reply

    The holidays put me $2400 in the hole. I didn’t even realize that until yesterday when I checked my mail and saw all the bills. Anyway, great tips… I will have to remember these for next year.

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